New Beginnings: Creating and Manifesting In 2015

By: Lisa M. Templeton, Ph.D.


     This year – let’s continue being the change that we want to see in the world – on a grander level. As we work to change within, bringing more love, joy, peace and light into our own inner world, we overflow and spread that loving energy into the world. This reminds us all that we clearly have a choice in how we choose to perceive the world – this choice is there in every moment.

     We have all struggled at times in manifesting what we want, believing that how deserving we really are of positive things is conditional. In truth, we are all deserving of love, joy, and peace in our lives; in fact, we need these emotions to counter the very difficult aspects of life.

     For some, positive emotions can feel odd, foreign and strange to experience, especially if they have been stuck in negative emotions such as anger or anxiety for a long time. We become accustomed to whatever emotions we have looked to and learned to create from our past. Anxiety is a great example. Many people are so used to worrying, thinking about the worst and feeling anxious, that’s all they know. They don’t realize that if they slow down, they can recognize a choice in what is being created. We need to understand just how easily our brain becomes conditioned to act and react in certain ways. With practice in creating positive emotions and believing that we can manifest our dreams for ourselves, we can recondition our entire lives.

     The book of Mark 11:24 in the Bible states, “What things so ever I desire, when I pray, I believe that I have received them and I shall have them.” Begin to consider what you would really like to have in your life. What are your goals for this New Year? What would you change in your life if you could? As you think about these goals, consider what emotion you would experience if you already created this dream? Feel as if it is already there and then feel that emotion fully.

     In each moment, we proceed as though we already have what we want, we have already done what we wanted to accomplish. In so doing, we create a positive emotion for ourselves, we focus on our abundance and we empower ourselves to create what we want. If like attracts like – then we are working to attract more positive into our lives.

     Utilizing our creative potential is such a huge part of living and of healing. There are specific areas in our brain that only get utilized when we think from a creative perspective and move into creative energies. It is important to create for ourselves and take ownership of our ability to create an abundance of things in this world, from our own thoughts and feelings to beautiful works of art and musical sounds. Even a simple goal to smile more when you speak with others may create more joy for yourself and/or another person.

     We are constantly creating – if you believe you are not a creator, you are mistaken. We create in every moment of our lives, even our dreams while we sleep are creations of our mind. Having a more conscious relationship with our ability to create and staying attuned to what it is we really are creating in each moment (from the small to the large manifestations) can aid us in making more positive, healing choices.

   Be careful to dream within reason and to not try to set the bar for yourself so high that it’s unattainable. Don’t set yourself up – be a friend to yourself and set your intentions in reality. Challenge yourself without shame or judgment. Find compassion within to encourage yourself and give yourself love, joy, gratitude and peace. ‘Be the change you want to see’ really means ‘feel as though the change you want to see has already happened’.

Happy New Year! May you manifest your dreams and may the feelings you create in this year bring you much abundance, love and peace in 2015.