Create Peace by Actively Letting It Be

By Lisa Templeton


     To be at peace is to accept whatever circumstance comes your way and ground in calm stillness. Holding on to resentment or frustration in the energy of resistance brings the opposite of peace – conflict and drama! To be in the energy of peace, we must let go of resistance to any situation and live in openness to what is. To express resistance is an argument with reality that we will ultimately lose.

     So how then do we let go of resistance? First, we must notice that it is there. Whether it is resistance to a traffic jam or resistance to self-forgiveness from the past, we have to understand that it is there before we can let it go. We can’t let go of something we don’t own. Notice when you are in an energy of resistance and how that makes you feel.

     Next, we must have compassion for ourselves. If I move into an energy of conflict and drama, judging myself for moving into this energy only perpetuates the same energy! We need to work on staying as calm as we can and as loving as possible as we move through life like waves of an ocean. Sometimes a huge wave comes and wipes us out. Ride with it! While you are judging yourself for not seeing the huge wave, another one hits. Stay loving, present and aware of your actions and reactions at all times – keep breathing as we are all continuing to learn.

     Lastly, make conscious actions in your thoughts and behaviors to create peace. Our actions play a huge role in creating peace in our lives. Choose positive thoughts and bring in positive emotions to experience. Be generous with others. Do things to uplift yourself. Offer your smile and give light and love to everyone you meet. Be sure to seek out the beauty in the world. Nature is so grounding and amazing – we are living on a beautiful earth and life lives all around us, no matter where you are. Practice slowing down. Take time every day to slow your thoughts and consciously breathe. Open your heart in gratitude and name several blessings in your life. When you take the time to make an effort to actively change the quality of your being, the more peace you create in and all around you.

     Peace always starts within. If the opposite of peace is conflict, then be a good friend to yourself! How can you find any peace if you are in a battle with yourself? Pay close attention to how you are talking to yourself. Choose to speak kindly and compassionately to yourself within. If you find that you are struggling with this, simply move away from the conflict and remind yourself you are working to change this. Focus on something that uplifts you and strengthens you. Spend time with others who uplift and inspire you.

     Forget about what you think you are supposed to feel when you try to feel peace, get out of your head and just feel, even for just a few seconds. For more guidance on this, consider taking a 6-week class I am putting together to guide you in acceptance and letting it be (Wednesdays 6-7:30pm- starting October 7th). Also, practice the meditation for peace depicted in the newsletter and meditate with us on September 20th at 10am. Let us all slow down together for just 10 minutes to actively let it be in peace while moving into blissful stillness. Let’s spread that peace from our innermost place of calm to all who are in need around us.

     One of the ways I uplift myself is to write poetry. I want to share a poem that I wrote this summer:


Actively Letting It Be

By Lisa Templeton


Look around you, what do you see?

It all depends on the mindset you choose to be.


Only when there is something

You cannot accept

Can there ever a problem be.

It all depends on the love and beauty

I choose to shine from inside me.


Look around, flow in beauty

Look around, open to love

You are the light of the world

And radiate the peace of a dove.


In the present moment

Quiet your mind

Honor your body’s emotional words

And listen to your child divine.


Be with your dreams

Let your will unfurl

Transform your abilities

And open in empathy to the world.


Be the light in your life

Shine on with active passion

Put yourself out there

Support yourself with compassion.


Take space between each breath

Love yourself to no end

Take moments between actions

Time and space will bend.


You are supported by love

Truth and flow

Pay attention to your Goddess within

Float in her joyful river and row.


Take precious time

Sit in blissful gratitude

For letting it be

Is only but an attitude.