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Dr. Lisa M. Templeton (formerly Lisa Dillard) is a licensed clinical psychologist in the state of Colorado working in the communities of Denver, Westminster and Boulder.  Dr. Lisa finished her doctoral degree in clinical psychology in 2003 with a focus on cognitive-behavioral therapy, the underlying healing and interconnecting aspects of music, Eastern philosophies including meditation and mindfulness as well as therapeutic relationship issues including countertransference.  She founded The Interpersonal Healing Clinic in 2010, teaching healing practitioners and educating the community about mindfulness, Cognitive Behavioral Theory and acceptance.  She has taught as an adjunct professor at several Universities in the Colorado area, while also incorporating mindfulness, meditation and music into her life.

Lisa has been conducting therapeutic services for over 15 years and works to establish a collaborative relationship with each client using a combination of therapies depending on the uniqueness of each individual she is working with.  In the past few years, Lisa has begun writing articles, a blog as well as a book addressing mindfulness and the importance of staying present to learn acceptance and letting things be.

After learning to play the guitar in her mid-twenties, she began writing music and integrating her poetry into patterns of rhythm on the guitar.  She is self-trained and with her melodic voice, expressive sound, and uplifting lyrics, intends to spread love and joy in every moment she is present.  She has written over 50 songs that promote self, community, a closer relationship with God and global healing.  To read her song lyrics, click here.  Lisa has created and promoted a CD called Bliss.  To read song lyrics to this CD, click here.  

Lisa grew up in Detroit, MI and lived in the San Francisco Bay Area for five years, studying psychology, Eastern psychology and researching the experience of music, while also writing songs, and performing.  She is very spiritual and has for the past several years been studying and practicing Shamanism, a love-based form of spirituality that is informally brought into her work as a psychologist.  She is interested in the idea of countertransference, which can be understood simply as the way a person reacts to another's emotions and behaviors.  To understand more about the term, check out the Lectures section.

Dr. Lisa is excited, spreading healing, peace, presence, and love, while exemplifying how music and mindfulness exude these qualities and function to help us expand our conscious awareness of all things, including our connection with each other.  Lisa believes that music and mindfulness is an important component to increasing our understanding of the mind and interpersonal dynamics. 

An important part of Lisa's research is related to the human experiences of music and helping people directly relate with the oneness of playing music together.  According to Dr. Lisa, we can learn from the parallel aspects of music play and interpersonal dynamics. 

"Somewhere along the line, the words seem to have gotten in the way.  So many times, there are connotations and associations assumed that contribute to a web of illusions.  When words transform into a melodic and harmonic sound, something changes.  There is a deeper place evolving communication with ourselves and others.  There are no standards, there is less bias, there can be emotion and intellect balancing together and there is a connection of souls expanding time and space." 

-Lisa Dillard, excerpt from The Healing Power of Music is Inside You, an article published in Phenomenews, October 2003 issue.


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