Five Tips to Thinking Effectively



We must recognize that:


1)    Our thoughts influence how we feel and our feelings affect the way in which we respond to every situation.

2)   Some situations trigger patterns of thoughts that are automatic and then lead to repetitious feelings and behaviors.

3)   We have the ability to take control of our thoughts and feelings.  We have free will – it is our choice what to think in every moment!

4)   Slowing down helps us identify what it is we are choosing to think and counter ineffective thoughts with more positive and realistic thoughts.

5)   Good ways to stay in the moment:  deep slow belly breathing, focusing on the present moment, meditation/breathing, and journaling about your thoughts and feelings to identify thought patterns of ineffective thinking.




Created by:

Lisa M. Templeton, Ph.D.

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

(303) 514-4058